Software Development Best Practices


The importance of following best practices in software development is to increase the reliability of the produced software as well as other benefits that will be covered in this post, along with some examples. 

Side Note: this post covers few examples only of best practices that I think are the most important. The aim is to get the idea only, it is nearly impossible to state every single best practice exist for software developers.

Current state of software development

nowadays software development is not about writing code only, it’s a lot more than that, the life cycle of software development involves lots of moving parts, such as market research, planning, prototyping, writing the actual code, version control, CI/CD, containers, just to mention a few.

Best practices are a necessity, not a luxury

Software development environments become more complex over time. The core reason for the complexity is the plethora of technologies, frameworks, tools and programming languages that keeps on popping up. Therefore, following best practices is one of the ways to ensure a production software that can be maintained, enhanced and reliable in the long run. 

Going further, the rest of this post will be structured as follows.

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  • Examples of programming languages best practices.
  • Examples of web development frameworks best practices.
  • The benefit of best practices for writing a code
  • Examples of version control best practices.
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  • Final Thoughts

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    Examples of programming languages best practices.

    Each programming language has a set of best practices such as naming conventions, how to write comments, how to utilise special features of the language and more. It is highly, advisable to follow the best practices related to the chosen programming language. It will ensure writing a better, cleaner and more performant code.

    The benefit of best practices for writing a code

    • if you are working in a team, the code will easily be understood by all the team members. In fact, it will be as if it was written by one member. 
    • tracking and fixing bugs will be much easier. 
    • delegating a task to another member will not be a hassle. 
    • adding more features can be done without fear of breaking or affecting the code, especially if combined with code testing. 

    Examples of web development frameworks best practices.

    Often then not we tend to use frameworks to build software faster. Keep in mind, the framework was built by other developers just like you. Therefore, those developers built the framework with a certain usage in mind. It is highly advisable, to follow the best practices in the official docs of the framework.

    FrameworkBest Practices Link
    Vue JSOfficial
    React JsOfficial, look in FAQ

    Side note: some times you will not a find comprehensive best practices on the official website. At this point, the only way to go further is by trying best practices from other sources until you find something that suits you best.

    Examples of version control best practices.

    Version control is meant to help developers with tracking and managing a project without copying and pasting the code to multiple folders 🙂 I kinda remembered the old days while writing this.

    Moreover, there are a variety of version control mechanisms such as Git, TFS, and SVN. However, they accomplish the same objective. Besides, version control is also used for CI/CD, tasks management, bug tracking, features tracking and more.

    Version ControlBest Practices Link

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    Final Thoughts

    It is one thing to learn best practices and a completely another thing to implement. When working in a team, best practices come in handy, if and only if the entire team obey and practice them. However, some DevOps platforms have built-in features to enforce the required practice, more on this will be in a separate post.

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